Emblème culinaire de Rodez : le gâteau La MandarelleEmblème culinaire de Rodez : le gâteau La Mandarelle
©Emblème culinaire de Rodez : le gâteau La Mandarelle|JCE Rodez
A gourmet stay at Rodez.


Take advantage of your stay to taste the delicacies of Rodez or Aveyron. Taste the Mandarelle, visit a wine estate or a farm.

To live:
3 days
From 182
for 2 persons

How to make the most of your stay?

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The program.


Gourmet shopping

Roam through the streets of Rodez and take the opportunity to do some gourmet shopping. Taste delicious chocolates, macarons or a Mandarelle cake at a pavement café.


Heritage and tasting

Visit Notre-Dame cathedral, the city’s emblem. For an afternoon snack, the go-to is the glacier de l’Aubrac. At the end of the afternoon, head for Belcastel for a visit of the medieval village and to stroll through the gourmet night market where you will taste the products you have chosen on site.


Stroll around the market

Wander around Rodez market, discover the local delicacies (rissoles, Rodez cheese, gâteau à la broche – cake cooked on a spit -, etc.) and improvise a picnic in the park.


Discovery of wines and cheeses

Discover the waterfall that flows in the heart of Salles-la-Source. Visit the Vézinies farm, which produces the ewe’s milk essential for the production of Roquefort cheese. Then, head to Marcillac to discover the wines of the valley at a winemaker’s


Tour of the Soulages museum

Observe the omnipresent light on the works of the Soulages museum. As soon as we enter the collections, light and shade effects perfectly showcase the artist’s work. For lunch, a gourmet break is a must at Café Bras.


Historical discovery

Discover the history of Rodez by visiting the historic centre with its medieval houses. Lose yourself in the maze of medieval side streets, be amazed as you admire the front of the old houses.

In short, we offer you:

  • A tasting of chocolates / macarons or a Mandarelle
  • A tour of the cathedral of Rodez
  • A tasting at the Glacier de l’Aubrac for an afternoon snack
  • A stroll at Belcastel
  • The discovery of a wine estate with its owner (Marcillac-Vallon)
  • The visit of the Soulages museum and gourmet lunch at Café Bras
  • The historical tour of the heart of Rodez


Marion Maury is your principal interlocutor.



From 182 euros for 2 people including Guided tours of the historic centre and of the Soulages museum, and on the average basis of two nights at €70. Meals not included.