Salle de préparation aux vitraux de Conques au musée Soulages de RodezSalle de préparation aux vitraux de Conques au musée Soulages de Rodez
©Salle de préparation aux vitraux de Conques au musée Soulages de Rodez|P.THEBAULT - CRT Occitanie
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Soak up the Soulages light

The Soulages Museum is home to Pierre and Colette Soulages’ donation that was given to the Greater Rodez Council in 2005. It is one of the biggest ever given by an artist in their lifetime with almost 500 pieces and documents. The museum’s inauguration on May 30th 2014 was attended by the French President François Hollande.

Visit the museum and

Its unique collection.

The artworks encapsulate the myriad techniques and “canvases” that the artist uses: paper, canvas, glass, bronze or brass, printed work (etchings, lithographs, screen prints) preparation work for the Conques stained-glass windows, paintings on canvas and paper (a unique collection including gouaches, inks and  walnut stains), documents, books, photographs, films, letters and more.



The current exhibition.

500m2 devoted to temporary exhibitions. Pierre Soulages wanted this gallery to be devoted to other modern and contemporary artists and movements fuelled by invention and experimenting with techniques. The Soulages Museum hosts two major temporary exhibitions a year.


Soulages museum group activity

All year round and especially during school breaks, the Soulages’ museum team offers group activities that are open to everyone. Whether it is for children or adults, everybody should leave satisfied !


Art at Café Bras.

A break in the museum

The Soulages Museum plays host to Café Bras. The café is named after its Michelin-starred chefs and owners, the Bras. The concept is true to the “Soulages” spirit. After a tour of the museum, have a welcome break to refuel!

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