Château d'Onet-le-ChâteauChâteau d'Onet-le-Château
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Onet-le-Château is an honest town in the northern heart of the Aveyron region between the city and countryside whose footpaths, incredible heritage and exciting things to do in the area make it a must-visit.

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Authentic heritage

Many of its monuments – châteaux and manors – tell the tale of history between 15th and 17th century…

Others take us back in time 2000 years with the relics dug from the Nostre-Seigne site where a temple and aqueduct still stand, ancient witnesses to our relationship with water.



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A sporting and cultural life

Onet-le-Château also plays host to cultural events at the Théâtre Municipal La Baleine, Café Culturel Le Krill, Youth Centre, Communal Café and Maison des Associations des Costes-Rouges, Château d’Onet Village… plus the eclectic sports and things to do with modern facilities on offer.

The area is home to almost 70km of footpaths! Myriad routes that take you off the beaten track so you can soak up the fabulous Aveyron landscapes.


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