Musée des Beaux-Arts Denys-Puech à RodezMusée des Beaux-Arts Denys-Puech à Rodez
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The Ruthenois museum of fine arts.

Sculpt your curiosity at the Denys-Puech Museum

At Rodez, Denys-Puech museum is a “pocket museum” devoted to sculpture in all its forms. You will discover the work there artists aveyronnais.

The Denys-Puech Museum is a “pocket museum” devoted to sculpture in all its forms. Visitors can explore at their own pace – all the galleries are disabled-friendly – and visit collections and temporary exhibitions portraying the different aspects of sculpture history from the mid-19th century to the present day.

Useful information.

  • January 2nd-June 30th and September 1st-December 31st:

Wednesday-Sunday: 2pm-6pm.  Closed Monday and Tuesday.

  • July 1st-August 31st:

Tuesday-Sunday: 2pm-6pm.  Closed Monday.

Closed : 1st january, 1st may, 1st november and 25th december

Free admission to the Denys-Puech Museum.

Denys-Puech Museum

Place Georges-Clémenceau

12000 Rodez

+33 5 65 77 89 60

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