Parc fleuri à Sébzac-ConcourèsParc fleuri à Sébzac-Concourès
©Parc fleuri à Sébzac-Concourès|Mairie de Sébazac-Concourès


At the far north of Rodez on the edge of the Compal Causse, Sébazac-Concourès is conveniently close to the city yet surrounded by untamed landscapes.

Countless foothpaths run through the limestone causses between the dry stone walls and junipers, “cazelle” shepherd huts and dolines that make Sébazac a go-to for vast natural areas. It is home to three villages and two hamlets (Gajac and Mézeilles).

Sébazac the town

The Rodez counts had a castle in Sébazac. The medieval relics in the modern château that is now home to the Town Hall bear witness to it.

The bishop of Rodez joined Sébazac Church to the cathedral chapter in 1249. It is devoted to Saint Barnabé and topped by a fort where the people of Sébazac and Gajac have 22 rooms which they used for storage until the 16th century.

Onet-l’Église and Concourès

  • A late medieval wayside cross in a unique shape still stands near Onet-l’Église cemetery. The Crucifixion and Madonna with Child with a kneeling donor are depicted in bas-relief on either side of the quadrangular panel that has replaced the traditional arms of a cross. Onet-l’Église Church was renovated in the 18th century. Its 19th century belltower is very similar to the one on Sébazac Church.


  • Concourès is an enclave on the Comptal causse 6km north-east of Sébazac. Concourès’ houses bear a resemblance to causse houses with shapes that you’ll find in the Quercy Causses for example. The farmhouses grow in height and form a block where the functions are split vertically: agricultural on the ground floor and residential on the upper floors and attic. Resorting to vaults, up to the second floor in some houses, is because of the rarity of long pieces of wood and the abundance of stone.

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