Vue sur la cathédrale depuis OlempsVue sur la cathédrale depuis Olemps
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Olemps is a commune located in the south of Rodez Agglomeration. Through its hiking trails, explore a remarkable architectural and natural heritage.

Bois de Linars (Aveyron)
Bois de Linars (Aveyron)
Bois de Linars (Aveyron)

Olemps is a town south of the Rodez area. Its remarkable architectural heritage includes:

  • a listed 15th century illustrated crucifix in pink sandstone in the village centre,
  • manors and châteaux, includng Château de Castelgaillard (16th-17th century) in La Mouline.

Unspoilt natural areas

Unspoilt natural areas like Aveyron Valley and Linars Forest (listed as a Regional Protected Natural Area) are fascinating. They are home to countless species of animals (over a hundred) and plants, some of which are protected e.g. the yellow star-of-Bethlehem and badger.  Hike the GR 62 B or one of the many footpaths to spot them.

Châteaux in Olemps and Castelgaillard

  • Château d’Olemps was built in the late 16th century. The building is a fine example of Louis XIII architecture whose signature feature is the use of polychrome: slate and red sandstone (instead of brick in the rest of the kingdom) contrast with limestone.
  • Château de Castelgaillard is older and was the Rodez Counts’ country residence. The main rectangular building has held onto its 17th century style with mullion windows. A huge tower at the back was probably used as a tank for water brought in from the plateau through wooden channels.

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