Jeux pour enfants à Vabre avec vue sur la cathédraleJeux pour enfants à Vabre avec vue sur la cathédrale
©Jeux pour enfants à Vabre avec vue sur la cathédrale|C.MERAVILLES - Mairie de Rodez
Vabre park.

A family outing to the domaine de Vabre

Ideal for walking, playing with the children, picnicking with friends or playing sports, the Domaine de Vabre is one of the largest parks in Rodez Agglomération.

Green spaces.

A 5-minute drive from Rodez city centre, just up from the Grand Rodez golf course, you will find the sports facilities at the Vabre complex. In the middle of the country, the Vabre part extends over 24 hectares. A bubble of oxygen for the people of Rodez. A place of unimaginable tranquillity for visitors coming from large cities.

Vabre is first and foremost a small village with a beautiful, private castle. Behind the building, the park is a green setting, accessible to all. 

At the entrance, an information panel marks the start of the fitness trail. For the more athletic visitors, it crosses woods and meadows, over nearly 1,840 metres. This 36-stage course borders the contours of the park, runs along part of the arboretum as well as children’s playground. Challenges are laid down to help you keep fit.

A little further along the main pathway, we arrive in front of the outdoor playground. With its slides and swings, the kids are delighted. Families come together to share a picnic on the wooden tables laid out below. Out of the corner of our eyes, we watch the children squealing and running around. We sit on the grass, taking in the sun.

We decide to improvise a game of hide-and-seek in the ancient wood. The children are having a blast. We then continue the walk to reach the arboretum, at the end of the park. Consisting of around 220 deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs, it was created in 1992 by the city of Rodez.

The starting point ofmany walks, the Vabre park is also a popular spot for sportsmen and women of all levels. The Vabre sports and leisure complex (on the other side of the road)offers various quality infrastructures dedicated to the practice of different sports: long jump, football, rugby, tennis, athletics (1 x 400 m track with 8 lanes, 1 shot putting area, 1 discus and javelin throwing cage, 1 long jump, 1 pole vault, 1 high jump). And mixed courts are also accessible for the practice of handball, basketball, and volleyball.

Young and old can therefore freely indulge in their favourite pastimes.

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