Une promenade à Nostre-Seigne à Onet-le-ChâteauUne promenade à Nostre-Seigne à Onet-le-Château
©Une promenade à Nostre-Seigne à Onet-le-Château|F.TOURNERET
Get a breathOf fresh air.

Country walks in rodez

Getting out in the fresh air around Rodez is easy. Along the river, a trail, on foot, by bike, alone or with the family, you can make the most of the luxurious countryside.

Combine nature and heritage by exploring the towns and villages of Rodez Agglomération: RodezOnet-le-ChâteauDruelle-BalsacOlempsLuc-la-PrimaubeLe MonastèreSainte-RadegondeSébazac-Concourès.

Each municipality maintains its network of hiking trails. This allows you to enjoy the great outdoors, whether along the water, in the heart of a wooded park or on marked trails … at the gates of Rodez. Ideal for relaxing and taking in the fresh air.

Walking appears to be one of the favourite pastimes of the French. So why not you? Breathe!

The “Suivez le guide …” contains 22 hiking sheets in Rodez agglomération, at the price of 4.50 euros (incl. taxes). On sale from the Rodez Agglomération tourist office.

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