Une promenade à Nostre-Seigne à Onet-le-ChâteauUne promenade à Nostre-Seigne à Onet-le-Château
©Une promenade à Nostre-Seigne à Onet-le-Château|F.TOURNERET
Get a breathOf fresh air.

Country walks in rodez

Getting out in the fresh air around Rodez is easy. Along the river, a trail, on foot, by bike, alone or with the family, you can make the most of the luxurious countryside.

Combine nature and heritage by exploring the towns and villages of Rodez Agglomération: RodezOnet-le-ChâteauDruelle-BalsacOlempsLuc-la-PrimaubeLe MonastèreSainte-RadegondeSébazac-Concourès.

Each municipality maintains its network of hiking trails. This allows you to enjoy the great outdoors, whether along the water, in the heart of a wooded park or on marked trails … at the gates of Rodez. Ideal for relaxing and taking in the fresh air.

Walking appears to be one of the favourite pastimes of the French. So why not you? Breathe!