Vue sur le clocher de la cathédrale de RodezVue sur le clocher de la cathédrale de Rodez
©Vue sur le clocher de la cathédrale de Rodez|P.THEBAULT - CRT Occitanie
A verdant space in the Soulages museum.

A museum in a garden

The Soulages Museum, designed and built by Catalan architects RCR Arquitectes (Roques & Passelac, associated architects), lies in 5000m² of greenery.

Couleur acier Corten du musée SoulagesCouleur acier Corten du musée Soulages
©Couleur acier Corten du musée Soulages|P.THEBAULT - CRT Occitanie

Foirail Park

Soulages Museum stands in Foirail Park in Rodez, a stone’s throw from the cathedral. Its row of cubes covered in glass and Corten steel fit into the landscaped setting to perfection. Passages and openings give you different points of view of the park, city and Aveyron mountains in the distance. The openings bring to mind thetraditional Aveyron “fenestras” which provide views of the horizon and are made for contemplation.

In the heart of the city

The Soulages Museum is next to Rodez old town and a key feature of the city’s urban design. It stretches out in huge monolithic swathes of rusty Corten steel along the north side of the fully-renovated park. Renowned for incorporatingnature into their work and creating a dialogue between their designs and the great outdoors, Ramon Vilalta, Carme Pigem and Rafael Aranda instantly understood the site’s importance.