Toiles du musée Soulages à RodezToiles du musée Soulages à Rodez
©Toiles du musée Soulages à Rodez|P.THEBAULT - CRT Occitanie
An artist with myriad inspirations.

A unique museum and its permanent collection

There’s no other collection like it in the world and its modern architecture makes the Soulages Museum fascinating. Hundreds of thousands of visitors have already made the trip to Rodez. The Soulages Museum is waiting for you… ready?

Plaque du musée Soulages en acier CortenPlaque du musée Soulages en acier Corten
©Plaque du musée Soulages en acier Corten|P.THEBAULT - CRT Occitanie

The museum’s architecture

The Soulages Museum was inaugurated in 2014 and the building is as spectacular as the work inside. RCR Arquitectes handled everything: the parallel oblongs, Corten steel and public park.


A museum in a garden

The Soulages museum is located in a green space, the Foirail public garden. 

The artist and his work

Pierre Soulages is a world-famous contemporary artist. His work is sold in top art galleries for jaw-dropping prices. The artist has deep roots in Rodez, his homeland, and agreed to make an initial donation of work to the council in 2005.

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With a guide

Whether you explore on your own, with an audioguide or tour guide, a trip to the Soulages Museum is a memorable experience. Dive in!