Vue latérale de la cathédrale de RodezVue latérale de la cathédrale de Rodez
©Vue latérale de la cathédrale de Rodez|D.VIET - CRT Occitanie
WonderAt exceptional architecture.
Rodez Cathedral

Rodez Cathedral, unlock its mysteries

Vue de la cathédrale de Rodez de nuitVue de la cathédrale de Rodez de nuit
©Vue de la cathédrale de Rodez de nuit|D.VIET - CRT Occitanie

Stone latticework

As you walk up Avenue Victor-Huge from Soulages Museum, you can see Rodez Cathedral in the distance. The closer you get, the more you realise how majestic it is.

You won’t know where to look… the belltower, pink, gargoyles, engraved inscriptions, designs, sculpted stone details… there’s so much to see we can’t list it all. The stone latticework is a feast for the eyes.

The Gothic-style pink sandstone cathedral is constantly under restoration. We’re told that sandstone is fragile and deteriorates over time into dust (rain and wind don’t help). Stonemasons are constantly working here.

A remarkable construction

It took three centuries to complete. Construction began on Rodez Cathedral in 1277 and didn’t end until the 16th century. There are many reasons why: the Hundred Years’ War, lack of funds, diseases etc.

We’re drawn to the main façade. No door. No window. Just lots of pink. It makes sense when you find out that the cathedral was once part of the city walls. So there’s a reason why the cathedral looks like a fortress.

Now you just have to find the main entrance…

A richly decorated belltower

At 87m high, Rodez belltower is one of the highest flat belltowers in France. It’s a sight for sore eyes. Bishop François d’Estaing had the delicately decorated tower built between 1513 and 1526 after the last belltower burned down. The event brings to mind the recent fire at Notre-Dame in Paris. There’s no comparison though.

François d’Estaing wanted it to be “the most beautiful” and “tallest”. He got his wish. We marvel at this pink sandstone jewel.


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