Sol en mosaïque du Café Broussy à RodezSol en mosaïque du Café Broussy à Rodez
©Sol en mosaïque du Café Broussy à Rodez|Office de tourisme Rodez Agglomération
ExploreAntonin Artaud's café.

Have a coffee on le Broussy’s Art-deco terrace

A favourite with the poet Antonin Artaud during his stay at the Paraire psychiatric hospital, let’s visit the Art Deco-style Le Broussy.

In the city center,

A unique café.

Le Broussy is a one-off at the end of Avenue Victor Hugo on Place d’Armes. Gaze at the stylish geometric mosaic from your seat on the outdoor terrace. You wonder what’s written over the entrance: you can see letters with a gold background. It’s actually Paul Broussy’s monogram, the man who founded the café in 1891.

An amazing art deco atmosphere

  • The ground floor of the façade and lobby flooring are covered in broken ceramic tiles.
  • The lights, which also act as coat hangers, are remarkable: they’re wrought iron and capture the Art Deco period.
  • Most of the café’s furniture is original and dates back to the 1930s.


Le Broussy’s was once adjoined to the 4* Hotel Mercure next door. The dining room has held onto its classic stucco interior. Orientalist artist Maurice Bompard painted pieces for the main lounge that you can still see today.

Is there anything better than having breakfast next to the cathedral in a 1930s setting?