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Great spring ideas.

What to do in rodez in the spring?

The return of the spring gives us plenty of ideas that will make you enjoy your stay in Rodez to the full.

This eagerly-awaited season is one of our favourites: the return of birdsong, colourful flowers, budding trees… a whole world comes back to life! A few drops of rain may intersperse with the sun’s rays but, in Rodez, as elsewhere, we are delighted that winter is over.

Your spring holiday in Rodez will be experienced in the great outdoors! Here are a few ideas:

  1. Jump into your trainers and enjoy a breath of fresh air
  2. Go on a Nature workshop
  3. Nibble on a snack
  4. Brainstorm as you ride an electric scooter
  5. Go on a photo tour
  6. Pick wildflowers
  7. Enjoy the first ice-cream of the season
  8. Take a selfie under a blossoming cherry tree
  9. Treat yourself to seasonal fruits bought on the market

1. Jump into your trainers.

2. Go on a Nature workshop.

3. Nibble on a snack.

from a « fenestra »

Take out food from the restaurant of your choice and eat it on a square, overlooking the spectacular neighbouring countryside. A bench will be your ideal place in the sun!

4. Brainstorm.

as you ride an e-scooter

5. Go on a photographic tour.

Develop your photographic talent in the streets of Rodez with Jocelyn our photographer (for technical help) and our favourite guide (for information on the city’s heritage). Get to your smartphones!

7. Enjoy the first ice-cream of the season.

There’s nothing quite like “home-made” ice-cream to feel like summer is on its way! On the Boulevard d’Estourmel, a multitude of flavours is waiting for you at Glacier de l’Aubrac, an artisan ice-cream maker. Treat yourself!

8. Take a selfie.

under a blossoming cherry tree

9. Treat yourself to seasonal fruits.

bought on the market