Brous de noix au musée SoulagesBrous de noix au musée Soulages
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Rainy day ideas in Rodez

Are you looking for an indoor activity or ideas for rainy days? Discover our top 10 sheltered activities in Rodez.

In case of bad weather, we offer a selection of things to do indoors:

  1. Contemplate the museums of Rodez
  2. Discover the art galleries
  3. Admire Notre-Dame Cathedral and the other churches of Rodez
  4. Enjoy a snack in a tearoom
  5. Get out of an escape game
  6. Go to the cinema
  7. Relax at the Media and Game Library
  8. Play a game of Bubble Foot
  9. Swim at Aquavallon

No. 1: Contemplate the museums of Rodez

  • Soulages museum
  • Fenaille museum
  • Denys-Puech museum


No. 2: Discover the art galleries

  • Galerie Annotiau
  • Galerie Réplique
  • Galerie Foch
  • Galerie Sainte-Catherine
  • Echo Boutique
  • La Menuiserie
  • Le Bal des Créateurs

Free access.

No. 3: Admire Notre-Dame Cathedral and the other churches of Rodez

  • Notre-Dame Cathedral, Rodez
  • Saint-Amans church
  • Sacré Coeur church

Free access.


No. 4 Enjoy a snack in a tearoom

At any time of the day, everyone loves a gourmet break! Take time out at Café Bras, Thé d’Oc, la Maison des Thés or chez Cécile et Aimé for example.

  • Café Bras: Jardin du Foirail – Avenue Victor-Hugo – 12000 Rodez
  • Thés d’Oc: Rue Neuve – 12000 Rodez
  • Maison des Thés: Place E.Raynaldy – 12000 Rodez
  • Chez Cécile et Aimé: Boulevard d’Estourmel – 12000 Rodez


No. 5: Get out of an escape game

Your team needs to solve the puzzles set in less than 60 minutes to escape the place where you are held. Your agility, your logic and your sense of observation (no general knowledge is necessary) will be your assets. 8 years+.

L’Énigme France

5 rooms, 5 different themes, 5 unique scenarios! Groups are made up of 2 to 8 people.

27 avenue Tarayre
12000 Rodez 


No. 6 Go to the cinema

The CGR cinema offers a multitude of films – general public, for children or art house – available in French versions and original version with subtitles. Concerts with themed evenings, previews with or without the cast, exhibitions, debates, are also hosted.

CGR Cinema

Esplanade des rutènes
12000 Rodez
Phone: +33 5 65 75 28 06


No. 7 Relax at the Media and Game Library

Reading the newspaper, magazines, a romance or detective story, playing a board game, listening to a CD… it’s all possible at the Rodez multimedia library.

Free access.

Place E.Raynaldy
12000 Rodez

No. 8 Play a game of Bubble Foot

Le Cinq Foot Salle

Indoor football – Futsal – Bubble Foot with family or friends. Open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., by reservation.

787 rue des landes
ZI Cantaranne
12850 Onet-le-Château
Phone: +33 6 75 78 69 93


No. 9: Swim at Aquavallon

The Aquavallon Water Centre has extensive facilities consisting of beginner and training pools, a fun area with geyser, slide, flowing river, massage benches, water jets, a fitness area with a cardio-training room, a gentle body-building room, a sauna, a steam bath and a jacuzzi.

Swim cap compulsory.

Vallon des sports
Chemin de l’Auterne
12000 Rodez
Phone: +33 5 65 73 40 10



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