Trottinettes avec Vent de Liberté à CombellesTrottinettes avec Vent de Liberté à Combelles
©Trottinettes avec Vent de Liberté à Combelles|Vent de Liberté
Top activities with teenagers.

What to do with teenagers?

Are you planning to spend your holidays in Rodez Agglomération with teenagers? We have listed some top activities for you to try out as a family, with older children (10-17 years old).

Are your teens glued to TikTok or screens in general? In Rodez, they can try out new activities! Here is a list ideas, in addition to family activities!
Escape from your everyday routine and enjoy a moment of sharing!

Here are some things to do with older children aged 10-17 in Rodez Agglomération:

  1. E-scooter: outdoor escape game
  2. Quad trail
  3. E-biking
  4. Paintball
  5. Laser-Quest
  6. Escape Game
  7. Treasure Hunt 2.0
  8. Axe throwing

1. Use an e-scooter to solve a case.

Mystery at Combelles with Vent de Liberté: paid activity, 12 years+.
From April to October, by reservation.


At Combelles leisure park, solve the Mystery with the help of a Californian e-scooter. Travel through the countryside finding clues as you go until you discover the famous treasure. A life-size escape-game to experience as a family!


2. Ride a quad.

Quad trail with Vent de Liberté: paid activity, 7 years+.
Open all year, by reservation.


Rando Quad
Rando Quad
Vent de Liberté

Parents, it’s your turn to play! Or rather drive! Your child will be your passenger. In complete safety, follow Nicolas on a quad through the Combelles plateau, just outside Rodez. No road rage here: take your time and enjoy the ride!

3. Ride an electric bike.

Overview of Rodez on an e-bike with Aveyron à Vélo: paid activity, minimum height: 1.5m.
Open all year, by reservation.


Accompanied by Mathilde, pedal through the Causse plateau to discover beautiful views of Rodez. The family can ride at their own pace with the help of electric assistance. And become a great cycling team!

4. Camo up!

Paintball (by reservation) with:

  • DKP Paintball: paid activity, 12 years+.
  • Vert Tea Jeu: paid activity, 12 years+.


Fully kitted out, you can start your paintball adventure in the woods! Depending on the scenario imagined, create a strategy, aim at your opponent and duck oncoming paintballs!! Parents or teenagers, who will be the winner?


5. Fight a Laser battle.

Laser-Game with DKP Paintball: paid activity.

By reservation.


Indoors, use your laser gun to score the most points when you hit the targets! Advance through the maze in a fluorescent and black light atmosphere! Be careful to avoid your opponents’ fire!


6. I think therefore I escape.

Escape Game with L’Enigme: paid activity, 8 years+.

By reservation.

Locked in a meticulously decorated room, try to get out by answering the puzzles! Your family will be required to use their logic and observation skills! On your marks!

7. Treasure Hunt 2.0

Treasure hunt 2.0 with Freemick aventure: paid activity.

8. Chop chop!

Axe throwing with L’Hache-toi, paid activity, 16 years+.
By reservation.

In separate and secure corridors (phew!), become an American lumberjack and aim at the wooden target with an axe! An ideal and original way to let off steam!!