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The top 5 of activities.with children

What to do with children in Rodez?

Discover our selection of educational activities and outdoor or indoor play areas to occupy the children during your stay in Rodez.

We have selected five activities for children in Rodez:

  1. In search of Elliott
  2. Challenge yourself at Combelles Adventure Park
  3. Let off steam outdoors at the Vabre park or Layoule
  4. Have fun at the indoor games park
  5. Play or read at the Games/Media library
Top 1

In search of Elliott

The whole family explores Rodez city centre to find Elliott, a mysterious work of art. Answer the questions to a quiz to discover the city of Rodez, its history and its monuments.

Office de tourisme Rodez Agglomération
Tél. +33 5 65 75 76 77


Top 2

Challenge yourself at Combelles Adventure Park

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the different high ropes courses will be enjoyed by all the family.

A 100% secure adventure park for young and old alike!

Several formulas and courses are available, for children aged 3 years+.

For maximum safety, all the courses are equipped with a continuous lifeline: 100% secure.

Vert Tea Jeu
Combelles – 12000 Le Monastère
Tél. : +33 6 81 30 79 22


Top 3

Let off steam outdoors

At the Domaine de Vabre

Outdoor games with a forest of hundred-year-old trees, an arboretum , a fitness trail, picnic tables: there’s everything you need to spend a great day with your family.

Free access.

Route de Marcillac
12850 Onet-le-Château

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The banks of Layoule

A quiet, verdant site on the banks of the Aveyron river, a 5.5 km loop is open to pedestrians. Perfect for families, for lovers, for sportsmen. Outdoor games and picnic areas are also available.

Free access.

12000 Rodez

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Top 4

Have fun at the indoor play park

Ruthen Park

This indoor play park for kids aged 0 to 10 years has a toboggan run, ball pools, giant Lego, slides … under the supervision of an accompanying adult or in day-care.

Route de Conques
46 route de Vabre
12850 Onet-le-Château

Tél. : + 33 6 20 05 11 47

Top 5

Play or read at the Games/Media library

Playing with a tea-set, foosball, chess… there’s something for all ages and for all tastes at the Rodez games library.

The media library also has a vast selection of books, magazines or CDs.

Free access.

Place E.Raynaldy
12000 Rodez


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