Vue panoramique de Rodez et les alentoursVue panoramique de Rodez et les alentours
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Visite guidée en familleVisite guidée en famille
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Rodez City.

You can pick up a map of the city for free from Rodez Tourist Information on Place de la Cité. It features a 1.5 hr walking tour. The Story of Rodez, Rodez from Square to Square and Rodez Cathedral are also available free of charge.

If you’re lucky, you can book the last spots on the guided tour: a trip to Rodez’s greatest squares is on the agenda. Or book the last audioguide.

Let us guide you!

The tour takes you to the Embergues area first where you’ll find medieval houses and manors from the 17th and 18th century (Hôtel de France, Hôtel de Séguret).

Then, let’s marvel at the staggering Rodez Cathedral. Information panels inside the landmark complement the map’s descriptions.

Let’s continue to the city where the Count of Rodez once lived. Beautiful 16th century houses still stand here. Some Renaissance-style buildings bear testament to the wealthy merchant families who made their fortunes at the Rodez fairs:

  • Armagnac House
  • Annunciation House
  •  Hôtel de Jouéry (now the Fenaille Museum)

After a trip to Saint-Amans Church, Place du Bourg and Place Eugène Raynaldy, we reach and the 18th century Hôtel Lenormand d’Ayssènes that is now home to the Prefecture. Here, a medallion pays tribute to Jean Moulin, the Aveyron prefect from 1937 to 1939.

Last but not least, we end our walking tour back in the city with Benoit House (15th century).

The map tells us where the 3 Rodez museums are: Soulages, Fenaille, Denys-Puech. They’re within easy reach of each other: 10-15 minutes walk between Denys-Puech and Soulages (the furthest apart).

Roda que rodaras, per arriba a Rodès totjorn montaras 

(Coiling around Rodez, you’ll always have to climb to get here.)

Book your

Guided tour.

Rodez Tourist Information tour guides take you on a trip around Rodez old town.

Rodez is a city with 2000 years behind it so learn all about its heritage on this guided tour.

Please note that booking is compulsory at Tourist Information.

Duration: 1 hr 45

Book online

  • Adults: €7,
  • 6-17 year olds: 5€,
  • Under 6s: free.

Rodez Tourist Information

10-12 Place de la Cité
12000 Rodez – France
Tél. : + 33 5 65 75 76 77

Book online

Treat yourself to

An audioguide.

You can listen if you don’t fancy reading.

Start on Place de la Cité and explore the medieval lanes lined with pink sandstone buildings and squares peppering the city centre. A walking tour taking you back 2000 years…

Your kids can get involved too as there’s a “children’s” audio guide available.

Duration: 1 hr 30

Rental (subject to availability) adult or child: 5€ per device.

Rodez Tourist Information

10-12 Place de la Cité
12000 Rodez – France
Tél. : + 33 5 65 75 76 77