Gargouilles de la cour de la maison de Benoit de RodezGargouilles de la cour de la maison de Benoit de Rodez
©Gargouilles de la cour de la maison de Benoit de Rodez|Office de tourisme Rodez Agglomération
A monument:Benoit House.

Step into Benoit house’s courtyard

When you reach

The courtyard.

At the foot of Rodez Cathedral’s chevet you’ll find Place d’Estaing. This little pedestrian square is home to artisans. A vaulted passageway on the corner of the square grabs your attention. As you walk over the cobblestones you’re led into the internal courtyard at Benoit House.


The building’s red walls contrast with the little square. Gargoyles are within arm’s reach… It’s amazing! From this side, compared to being on Place d’Estaing, the building’s huge scale blows you away. As you walk to the bottom of the courtyard, the belltower and cathedral loom into view in the sky above Benoit House tower.


The former hotel was built in the 16th century for Canon Jean Pouget, Bishop François d’Estaing’s confidante. At the time, extensive work went into bringing this group of neighbouring houses. The building now stretches from Place d’Estaing to the corner of Rue Bosc. You can easily spot the house’s Flamboyant Gothic style:

  • the vaulted passage into the courtyard,
  • Gothic gargoyles,
  • moulded cross-windows.


You may not be able to visit inside Benoit House as it’s privately-owned but you can easily picture the tower’s spiral staircase on the corner of the two main buildings. The staircase is a Flamboyant Gothic classic and led to all the indoor floors.

At the top of the tower you can see a sculpture of a winemaker dating back to the 20th century. It symbolises bygone trade with the nearby Marcillac vineyard.

The limestone used for the entrance to the stairwell contrasts with the rest of the manor in red sandstone. Here, the tympanum framed by pilasters bearing a cartouche sculpted with a Latin inscription and Roman numerals are Renaissance in style whereas the building features lots of Flamboyant Gothic hallmarks.