Pierre Soulages

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Pierre Soulages and his commitment to the Aveyron


"When I go back to Rodez, I feel I belong to the people of this country, these seemingly rough peasants, who are the most refined folk anywhere", Pierre Soulages


Pierre Soulages, the internationally celebrated contemporary painter, was born in Rodez in 1919, in the rue Combarel. He grew up in the heart of a neighborhood of artisans from theprinter to the blacksmith. From this medium in motion, he would remember the gestures of patience, expertise, outstanding materials and virtues of happenstance.


He exhibited very early in life, in 1950s New York galleries and museums around America Recently, in 2010, his retrospective at the Pompidou Centre attracted over 500,000 visitors. He is the most respected contemporary painter among his peers.


His artistic career is marked by the influence of childhood encounters. He speaks willingly of the landscapes of Aveyron, the bare trees of the limestone plateaux, his fascination with the statuesof the Fenaille museum in Rodez and the abbey of Conques in the Aveyron. Soulages made the extraordinary stained glass windows for the abbey; translucent but not transparent, they are made of glass developed by the artist, capturing the light and highlighting the Romanesque architecture. Outside and inside, the windows return the soft changing colours of the daylight.



Musée Soulages

Jardin du Foirail / Avenue Victor-Hugo

12000 Rodez

+33 (0)5 65 73 82 60