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The SOULAGES Century

An exceptional year of culture to celebrate the "Soulages Century".


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The town of Rodez and the Rodez urban area wanted to celebrate Pierre Soulages' 100th birthday with a series of events linked to the century and to the artist's work.

2019 will also be a chance to highlight the cultural uniqueness of the town of Rodez.

Because the most important collection of works by Pierre Soulages can be found in Rodez and nowhere else. The works are housed in an architectural setting that earned the RCR Arquitectes agency the Pritzker Prize in 2017. The site also features a café belonging to Michel Bras, who was voted the best head chef in the world by his peers in 2017.

This level of excellence has made the Soulages Museum one of the top provincial museums, just 5 years after it was opened. It is a flagship cultural site and a strong asset, alongside the cathedral and the town's architectural heritage, in the region's attractiveness for visitors.

All through the year, a number of events are scheduled around 7 themes:

- Monumental: a contemporary art visit in the town

- Dazzling: lights on and in the town

- Surprising: arts and crafts, heritage

- Musical: concerts, musical readings

- Tasty: culinary expression

- Outstanding: museum exhibitions

- Spectacular: urban art.