Eglise St-Amans de RodezEglise St-Amans de Rodez
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Gaze at Saint-Amans church

The particular story of

Saint-Amans Church.

Saint-Amans Church looks onto Place de l’Olmet and is a stone’s throw from Rodez Cathedral. It’s in red sandstone like the cathedral and you can see its prettily decorated belltower from the surrounding hills.

The original church was built in the 12th century on Saint Amans’ grave (†440), the first evangelist bishop in Rodez and its region. Local materials were used at the time of construction:

  • Cayssiols sandstone for the main body,
  • Combret sandstone for more detailed parts,
  • Bozouls and Salles-la-Source tuff for the vault.

But this Romanesque church was completely destroyed around 1750.

The building was in a bad state

So it was rebuilt in the 18th century. The engineer Boesnier drew up the designs. The first stone was blessed in 1758. The current church replaced the old one.

What makes this church unique is that its outer walls are Baroque-style whilst the inside is Neo-Romanesque.


“Saint-Amans Church is staggering: without seeing the outside, visitors going inside blindfolded could well believe they’re in a 12th century church when that’s not at all the case.”